Rebekah Murphy comes to Fashion Pony

Independent fashion designer, Rebekah Murphy whose designs are inspired by art, films, music and most of the natural forms and colours, is offering a selection of her designs through

Rebekah gets her inspiration from travel, picking up colour and texture from the places she visits. Says Rebekah: “I have always had an obsession for luxurious fabrics, colours and prints. My style is all about creating feminine, sexy clothes that women want to wear.”

Rebekah Murphy designs available from

The Rebekah Murphy collection available through fashion Pony will include:

Tartan Nitched Dress (FPRM1010). Outlandish party attire for girls looking for the alternative edge!
Long Sleeved Mini Dress (FPRM101). The perfect party dress for the fashion serious!
D-Ring Dress (FPRM102). The perfect look for the serious weekend reveller.
Toga Dress (FPRM1013). For those with a keen sense of trend!

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