Red Dress to impress…

…Kerry Greaves takes a look at a little red number.

The first time I remember wearing red was in the form a simple tee, jeans (bootleg unfortunately, this was before the arrival of the sacred skinny) and pumps. A plain young teen outfit (I wasn’t a cool teenager) but even back then, in my fashion wilderness years, I remember the effect the colour had on me. I was quite a shy girl, sticking to white and blue colour ways and suddenly this top made me feel confident, bold and erm…. well hot! Not something the mother of a 15 year old wants to hear…but I felt fantastic.

Lady in red

If I am honest though, other than this summer’s day outfit worn years before, I do not actually have a lot of red in my wardrobe. Which when I saw this dress, I had to ask myself why. This dress is a head turner. 

I am off to Amsterdam in the next few weeks for a girly weekend of mayhem and this would be the first thing I packed.  Along with my more sensible items of attire, of course.  The sweetheart bandeau style is very me, I also am intrigued by what appears to be the cut out back detail, further adding to the dresses wow factor.

I have a word tattoo that runs down from the bottom of my shoulder blades and although I often forget it is there (it is on my back after all) I do love how this dress would show off just part of it. As the dress makes enough of a statement on its own, I wouldn’t add many accessories, it simply doesn’t need it. However, I wouldn’t really want to go black, I find it too harsh. But gold and silver doesn’t appeal either.

So. What to choose? I was thinking either black lace, or velvet shoes, I know they are still black but not as bold as say, patent courts would be. I quite like the girly vibe of the Miss Selfridge suedette bow peep toe platforms.  I would give the dress a modern vintage feel, by wearing a combination of long pearls and a simple tiny gold locket that I brought from a vintage fair, a dull gold cuff and single black over sized oval ring. I would also, to complete the look, combine textures with a dark navy feather clutch. I would also throw on a dark blazer and turn up the sleeves to see the inside lining. Not quite the lady in red I was forced to listen to on long car journeys with the parents.

Red Dress by RARE, price £50. Love this dress?
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