10 Questions with Mostly Yummy

We asked the delightful and Mostly Yummy Mummy 10 fashion pony questions:

What is your favourite fashion item?

 I am loving my new high waisted skinny jeans. They are a perfect fit and just look fab *bats eyelashes*

 If you could pick one fashion accessory what would it be and why?

 It has to be my Mulberry Alexa. It might have cost an arm and a leg but it was so worth every penny. An absolute design classic. And plenty of room for a nappy and a pack of wipes too, which is always a bonus!

Is there a style trend you would like to see make a comeback or go away?

Neon! On my eleven year old, maybe. But for me? No! Go away!

Your biggest fashion faux pas?

I’m sure I can’t think of any *cough*

Single most useful piece in your wardrobe?

It has to be good black leggings. They are my wardrobe staple – I dress them up, dress them down.

Which fashion accessory couldn’t you live without?

Jewellery counts as an accessory, right? It has to be my Links Sweetie bracelet. I absolutely love it and just couldn’t be without it. 

Vintage or vamp?

Definitely vintage. Great design stands the test of time.

Your style icon?

My all time style icon would have to be Audrey Hepburn. She was just amazingly beautiful and never put a stylish foot wrong. Understated elegance at its very best.  

Your latest buy?

I just bought some new Ugg boots! Love them or hate them, there can be no denying that they are the comfiest boots ever! And perfect for my chilly school runs.

You wouldn’t be seen dead wearing…?

Leather trousers. I know leather is everywhere at the moment but definitely not for me! 

 Thanks Mostly Yummy Mummy x

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